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Safety tips for using this forum

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Safety tips for using this forum Empty Safety tips for using this forum

Post  Riverdog on Wed May 21, 2008 3:08 pm

  1. This is a public website, so carefully review your post before submitting
  2. Never put your petís name in the post Ė that will give an unscrupulous person control over your pet.
  3. Put only a partial description of your pet
    in the post, so you can have the person describe your pet to you in a
    PM or over the phone. A scam artist will not be able to describe your
    pet to you.

  4. Use caution when providing contact information, use an email address.
  5. Never post your home address. Just list your street or the vicinity in which your pet was lost.
  6. Never post your phone number
    or home address. You can exchange contact information & phone
    numbers through this forum's Personal Message service (PM's). If you
    are not sure how to use this feature, please ask!

  7. If you are offering a reward for a lost pet, NEVER list the amount!!

Safety tips for using this forum Star3 In order to recieve email messages regarding your pet, you need to enable "Allow members to contact me by email". (Click on the Profile Link, then click on "Preferences")

Safety tips for using this forum Star3 You
can also choose to enable "Always notify me of replies" in your
preferences. Be aware that if you choose this option you will recieve
an email any time someone replies to any of your posts, even if they
are just offering support for your loss.

Suggestions on what information you should supply (or just copy & paste the following into your post):

Species of pet
(Dog, Cat, etc.):
(small, medium, large):
Wearing ID
(License, Tag no, Tattoo, Microchip):
Date missing:
Street or the vicinity where your pet was lost:
Additional Information:

Number of posts : 259
Age : 64
Pets : Labrador Retriever
Registration date : 2008-05-17


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