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Recovery Tips - "I Found a Stray Pet"

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Recovery Tips - "I Found a Stray Pet" Empty Recovery Tips - "I Found a Stray Pet"

Post  Riverdog on Fri May 23, 2008 1:42 pm

The best recovery tips that I have found are located on the lostapet.org website:
Please read: Recovery Tips

* Use caution when providing contact information, use an email address. Never post your home address or phone number on the Community Pet Forum. Just list your street or the vicinity in which your pet was found. Members can reply to your post here.

* Forum members can contact you through a private message (PM) through this forum. If you have your "Profile Preferences" set up to receive a "notify email" when someone sends you a PM you will know if someone has responded to your "found a pet" post or sends you a PM. There is no need to leave personal information on this forum! If you need help setting up your preferences send me a PM and I'll help you!

* When describing a "found pet" on this forum, leave something out of the description, such as the color of the collar or a special marking the pet may have. The owner should be able to describe this information to you if they believe it is their pet.

* If possible, ask the presumed owner to provide a photo of their pet if they have one, better yet, have them post a photo in a reply to your post on this forum.

* Do not ask leading questions like "Does your Poodle have a kink in its tail?" but instead ask open-ended questions like, "Describe your dog's tail" or "Is there something unique about your dog's tail"? Make the presumed owner give you a full description of the lost pet.

* Never agree to deliver the dog to the presumed owner unless you have first told a friend or family member where you are going and take someone along with you.

* If you haven't recovered a pet but you think that you have spotted a lost pet from the listings in your area, please reply to the members "lost pet" post! You may never know if you can help narrow the field when an owner is searching for a beloved pet.

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