Why a community pet forum?

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Why a community pet forum?

Post  Riverdog on Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:15 pm

Some of you may wonder why even bother setting up a community pet forum when there are already established sites out there for posting lost pets, found pets and discussions. While forums like Petfinder and Pets911 are excellent sites, they are huge! Being huge can have advantages and disadvantages. There are pages and pages of Louisiana lost pets on the larger sites. Their search system doesn't always help narrow down an area, especially if the lost pet has managed to wander 20 miles away before it was found. Shelters or rescue organizations are not allowed to post in the classified sections on the larger boards. Concerned citizens who have found a pet are sometimes hesitant to post to a site where their email is visible making them susceptible to scams and spam bots.

On the JAH Community Pet Forum we feel some of these concerns can be eliminated. Email addresses are never posted. You can set up your private messages to go to your email without sharing your email address. If you are unsure how to do this the Admin can set it up for you. Since we are focusing on a 50 mile radius around Jennings, Lake Charles and Lafayette it should make it easier to find lost pets or be comfortable posting a found pet. For members that are comfortable posting to the larger boards, it never hurts to cross post to this board too!

Shelters or rescue organizations are fully supported on this forum. If you need help posting your information to the forum the Admin will help guide you or even do it for you. By focusing on a 50 mile radius we feel that is a reasonable distance to travel to shelters and for members to attend fund raising events.

We feel everyone can benefit by having a regional forum and hopefully have some fun at the same time!
For a little bit of added fun we have contests & prizes! Woot

The success of the forum is dependent on community pet enthusiasts, membership & participation so please consider joining the JAH Community Pet Forum!

Please pass this information on to friends, rescues, shelters, groomers, dog trainers or anyone that you think may be interested in participating. Most importantly, please pass on the forum link http://forum.jenningsanimalhospital.net to pet owners who have lost their pet!

We have created two flyer's that can be printed & passed out to friends, family, coworkers & clients if you would like to use them. When printed there are two flyer's per sheet of paper.
Black & White pet forum flyer
Color pet forum flyer

We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have to improve the forum!

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