Adopting a senior dog

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Adopting a senior dog

Post  Riverdog on Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:48 am

A few years ago my neighbor lost her dog to old age. She is in her 80's and although she was very lonely without her dog she was afraid to get another one. She felt at her age if she did adopt another dog there wouldn't be anyone to take care of it in the event she died. She is a healthy woman for her age and still volunteers at the local hospital. I suggested to her that maybe a senior dog, who is probably just as lonely would be a good choice. She decided to look into it. She found a Pekingese who had lost her owner to old age and had nobody to take her in. At 11 years old, she too was fairly healthy, lonely and afraid. I am happy to report that both old ladies are doing fine and are making great companions for each other!
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