Pet Photo Contest -- Theme: Comical, Crazy, Wild or Funny (end date Aug. 31)

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Pet Photo Contest -- Theme: Comical, Crazy, Wild or Funny (end date Aug. 31) Empty Pet Photo Contest -- Theme: Comical, Crazy, Wild or Funny (end date Aug. 31)

Post  Riverdog on Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:08 am

Pet Photo Contest -- Theme: Comical, crazy, wild or funny (end date August 31)

Everyone please remember to cast your vote for EACH photo!! You may rate each photo on a score 1-5 with 5 being the highest. Your name is kept invisible so other members will NOT know who you voted for.
I can't even see who voted for who. So it IS completely anonymous! Very Happy

PLEASE visit the Gallery and vote!!
Contest ends midnight August 31.

Members should enter a photo ASAP in order to receive votes before the August 31 deadline!
Good luck everyone!!

*JAH reserves the right to extend this contest if we do not get at least 10 entries by the July 31 deadline* (contest has been extended until midnight Aug.31)

Instructions: Take a photo of your pet doing something comical, crazy, wild or funny. Each member is allowed two photo entries.
Upload your photo to the Photo Contest Gallery (Theme: Comical) All members can vote and comment on your photo! At the end of the contest (midnight August 31) the photo with the highest rating wins! Pet Rescues & Shelters are encouraged to enter the contest.

Prize -Choice of:
6 pound Purina Pro Plan puppy food
4 pound Purina Pro Plan kitten food
20 pound Purina Pro Plan Select adult dog food

** Prize must be picked up at Jennings Animal Hospital or arrangements can be made for pick up at Claws & Hooves Animal Hospital in Estherwood. The winner will receive a notification email that will need to be printed out and presented to JAH when picking up your prize.


  1. All entries must be submitted by midnight August 31. (In order to receive votes the sooner the better)
  2. The Gallery has limited space so... Photo size must be no larger than 800x600 and the file size no larger than 200k. Photos exceeding the file size will be rejected!
  3. Photos may not contain any obscene, threatening, invasive, inflammatory,
    sexually explicit, unlawful, or racially/sexually/ethnically
    discriminatory content.
  4. Uploaded photos will stay in the cache until approved by the admin or moderator before they appear in the Gallery. If your photo is rejected for over-sized photo/file size or inappropriate content you will be notified by PM. Once your photo is corrected you will be allowed to upload your photo again. (Contact Riverdog if you need help sizing photos)
  5. Winners are judged by our participating forum membership by using the rating system feature in the Gallery. All members are allowed to vote.
  6. Contestants are allowed to promote their photo in their sig or avatar as long as it is within the guidelines for adding a sig or avatar to your profile.
  7. Members spamming threads in order to obtain votes will be disqualified. Continuous spamming will result in being banned from this forum!
  8. A word of advice, keep "vote for me" promotions contained to avatars and sigs!!!
  9. Each member is allowed to enter two photos.

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