Sig & Avatar Guidelines

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Sig & Avatar Guidelines

Post  Riverdog on Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:39 am

Sigs & Avatars

*Sig size are to be no larger than 150 x 450 or 100x500 pixels . Please cooperate, it really slows the board down for some members on slower servers when they are large. Also no links in sigs except for Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters. If you think you fall into this group but are not sure then PM the Admin or a Mod first.

*If they are larger, we will PM you once, and if they aren't down within a reasonable time, we will remove them ourselves.

* Avatar size is limited to 140x140 and may not contain any obscene, threatening, invasive, inflammatory, sexually explicit, unlawful, or racially/sexually/ethnically discriminatory content.

* Members may only include one upload in their signatures, and may not include links or addresses in their signatures, nor the name of a website within a banner. Please, no spamming!! Exception to this rule is Pet Rescues & Animal Shelters who may include links in their sigs.

* Community Pet Forum Contest "contestants" may promote (in order to obtain votes) in an Avatar or Sig as long as the size guidelines are followed.

* Use only photo storage/display sites, such as Photobucket, to supply direct links to pics. If you want to post a pic from a site you've found, save it in your storage/display site, and then link to it from there. This practice may help to avoid usage and performance issues. DO NOT link to pictures or graphics that are stored in someone else's web space without their Explicit permission!

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