Breed specific Dog bans

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Breed specific Dog bans Empty Breed specific Dog bans

Post  mjsmittyjr on Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:36 pm

Well Montana is currently attempting to pass a bill that would ban and euthanize some Terriers. This alert was sent to me by the AKC. There is more and more States, and cities passing bans on specific dogs and not really punishing who is really responsible for all the aggressive dogs allowed to either fight or run loose. The owners of these dogs need to be punished and seen that they never are allowed to own another dog. It seems that there is a time coming that we will all be affected by these bans just because it's a dog and it might bite. Just because animal has teeth doesn’t mean it will bite someone, just look at some of the politicians that have brains but some don't seem to use them either. Rant

To read more go to the AKC website listed below. While you are there look around and subscribe to be informed anytime someone is trying to pass a law banning animal ownership.
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